Chinese New Year Craft 3

It’s the year of the pig and we did a directed draw of a pig! The kids worked really hard on them and they turned out so cute!

I gave directions to how to draw the pig step by step: the head, body, the word 福 (which means “blessing”), then we drew the fire crackers on the side. This student really wanted to make her drawing the best she could!
Once they were happy with their drawings in pencil, they used a sharpie to outline. I told them that they could only color the eyes and nostrils and nothing else.
After that, they colored the pig pink, the decorations red, and a color of their choice for the background.
Here’s mine! 😀
They worked really hard on their drawings and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out! Can’t wait to show them off to all their families!

Do you do directed draw in your class? It’s really good for the kids to practice their listening, following directions, and patience. Hope this inspires you to do directed draw with your kids, too!