Love Bug Valentine Art – Tens & Ones Practice

I recently found a new hobby – posting worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ve always created worksheets for my students and I share them with my team, but I never thought anyone would actually spend money on them! My (few) sales have been a huge motivation for me to continue to do my best as a teacher. It’s amazing how even though I’m not making big money, the validation just warms my heart!

My students have been learning about place value and counting tens and ones. I was inspired to make this Love Bug Valentine Art below for my kids to practice their math while making a Valentine art. I hope some of you will find the craft a great inclusion to your Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click on the image below to purchase the file from my TpT store. 🙂

Simple Chinese New Year Paper Cutting Instructions & Template

Chinese New Year is approaching and we are getting more decorations ready for our celebration! This paper cutting is a traditional Chinese art where you fold a paper in half and cut out a character that is symmetrical. We cut the word “spring” for our decoration.

To prep, I outlined half of the word “spring” and made copies on yellow paper. I also cut red construction paper into 9×9 inch squares.
First, you fold the paper in half.
Next, you cut on the lines.
Then, you open the character and glue it on red paper.
And finally, you decorate and there you have it! Easy peasy!

Click the image above if you’d like to purchase my template and instructions!

Chinese New Year Craft

Do you teach about Chinese New Year in your classroom? I’m so happy to be able to share my Chinese culture and language with my 1st graders. We are busy preparing for the Chinese New Year Celebration coming up real soon – learning songs, dance moves, and making decorations for the special day. Here’s an easy decoration we made last week!

During Chinese New Year, red scrolls are hung on each side of the door as decorations. The writings on them are almost always a four-character wish, like wishing you safety as you walk in and out, or wishing you good health like horses and dragons. On the scrolls my students made, it simply says happy new year. 🙂

This craft was super easy. I just prepped pictures of a pig, 新年快樂 in bubble letters, and red paper. It was fun to watch the kids trying to arrange the four characters in order and right-side-up. That was a challenging task for some! In the end, they all did a fantastic job putting it all together. I can’t wait to decorate the MPR with their artwork!