Regrowing Green Onions

Who doesn’t like free and organic food? If you type “regrowing green onions” on Pinterest or Google, you’ll find so many blogs with instructions on how easy it is to regrow green onions from their roots: after you cut the green part off (the part you eat), put the remaining stem and its roots in water or soil, and you will have an endless supply of green onions FOREVER! Not quite… What I haven’t found is that the new green onion plants grow thinner and thinner over time.  Maybe it’s because I need to learn more about it myself, but I’ve been growing green onions in my balcony for about four years now and I’ve picked a few tricks here and there.

My green onions always turn out this thin after about a year.

Tips and Tricks I’ve Picked Up:

  • Let the roots grow in water before putting it in soil. If the roots are too short, the plant would not get enough water; thus it will not grow as quickly or even dry out during the hotter seasons. Be sure to change the water out and wash the slime off the plants every few days or it’ll start to smell and rot.
  • Grow the plant in soil instead of water. Even though they grow fine in water in the beginning, it’ll start to grow weaker over time, or even rot. It’s best to repot them in soil once the roots are longer.
  • Water only when needed. If the soil looks wet, 忍下手 be patient, and wait until the top of the soil is dry. I use 洗米水 rice water to provide more nutrients, since I eat rice all the time. I just save the water I use to wash the rice to water my plants with. If you’re not going to use the water right away, you can store it in the fridge. Don’t leave it out in room temperature or it’ll start to ferment.
  • Trim the plant only when it’s long. I’m guilty of this, because I eat green onions all the time. If you don’t give them enough time to grow, they just keep getting thinner and thinner. So once again, be patient!

Time to get new green onions

It was time for me to buy new green onions since I didn’t have enough to cook with. I saved the stems and placed them in water.

This is what it looked like after about a week.
The left one has been in water for about a week and look how long it’s grown! The right one is freshly cut. It’s time to repot the ones with longer roots.
I just use a chopstick to poke holes and place my plants in them.
This is what my pot looks like now, my old and new green onions mixed together. Note to self: don’t shake the green onions too hard after washing them or they’ll bend over.

Now I have green onions again. I hope you try to grow your own green onions, too!

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